Visit to St. Joseph Nivas by MCOM students


On 14th October 2017, the students of M.Com 1st sememster, T.John College along with faculties Dr. Nilanjana Basu and Prof. Lokesh RV visited St. Joseph Nivas Special School. It is a school for mentally challenged children.

They were introduced to the functioning of the school. The school comprises of 6 sections catering to different age groups of children. Children of adjoining six to seven villages attend this school. These children are taken care of by trained teachers. These children have mentors who teach them how to manage their day to day activities.

Sister Jayamalini delivered a meaningful speech and introduced each and every student and helpers of St. Joseph Nivas.

The Mcom students of T. John college shared their Diwali happiness with the students of St. Joseph Nivas Special School by gifting them diyas, soft toys and biscuits.

Prof. Dr. Nilanjana and Prof. Lokesh also delivered a meaningful speech and made the students realise the actual gift of god are the children who are not able to celebrate like the rest and the actual happiness is celebrating Diwali together with those children.

The students discussed at length with Sister Jayamalini the challenges faced by them to collect funds to run the school. Students were acquainted with the process of how projects are made towards fund raising and some internship opportunities for them for were also discussed which shall help them to understand how an NGO works.

The students conducted cultural events and performed for them. The children of St. Joseph Nivas too joined them in their performance.  It was a heartening and learning experience for the students.