Industrial visit to Hindustan Coca Cola factory


The VII th SEM BHM Students were taken to visit Hindustan coca cola factory on 14th October, 2017. It is an aerated and Package drinking water manufacturing unit. The company is located at the outskirts of the city. The visit began with segregating the students into small groups so that their ability to see and understand things would be clearer.

The students were taken on a guided tour around the factory starting from the Quality testing labs, the raw material storage area to the final packaging and storage area. Descriptions of the various raw materials as well as the production process were imparted in detail. Latest technology equipments were used to reduce human efforts and time. Moreover the staffs are provided with appropriate attires to maintain high standard of hygiene and cleanliness as their first and foremost duty.

The students displayed deep interest and interacted with the staff with questions in light to completely utilize this visit. They learnt a lot about assembly line manufacturing process used in the floor, as well as the environmental friendly processes of waste management.