Workshop on Data Base Application Development


On October 14th 2017, Department of Information Science has organized workshop on “DATA BASE APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT”. The lecture started with the installation of software’s like Maria DB and Eclipse Oxygen, the importance of JDBC versions, Swings and followed by hands on session how to develop an application of student database by Mr. Sadanand Rudraiah, Technology enthusiast with over 14+ years of IT experience.

The session went on with the verification of software installation, started working on command prompt with basic SQL commands such as creating table , insertion of values, deletion of values, read. Using mariadb client simple program were executed using command prompt and program ends with java db connection. Later with the installation of JDB driver type 4 driver a new version and later by use of swings students got how to make front end jobs and verified the same. Students got the insight knowledge of how to make front end and DB connection for database and program in java with the development of a simple student database application .

The session was conducted for the fifth semester students of Information Science & engineering Department on database application development.