Industrial visit to the iconic Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Limited


The fifth semester students of the BBA department of T John College were taken on a factory visit to the iconic KSDL situated in Mahalakshmi Layout in Bangalore.

The team of around 50 students left for the visit around 12 noon and were briefed on the company by Mr. Balakrishna, the guide from the research wing. The students were astonished to hear from him about the history of the company established in 1916 during the times of Mysore king Krishna Raja Wadiyar IV. The genesis of the company was a fallout of the First World War when the erstwhile ruler could not export the sandal to the European countries and decided to indigenously make use of the fragrant Sandal. Thus, the now world famous Mysore soaps came into existence and Karnataka became the land of sandal wood.

The factory shop floor was an assortment of large containers that mixed the ingredients such as Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Sodium chloride, water, Titanium dioxide, Tetra Sodium EDTA, Perfume and colours. With the oldest known perfumery material Sandalwood as its main ingredient, the Sandal soaps of KS&DL have a definite niche in the soap market. The oil of Sandalwood recommended in ancient ayurvedic texts for skin care, has excellent antiseptic properties. It soothes prickly heat and also other skin rashes. The Sandal soaps of KSDL are probably the only soap in the World with pure Natural Sandalwood Oil and hence, the Mysore Sandal Soap is being used throughout the world for nourishing and softening the skin

The assembly line was a real treat for the students who marvelled at the processes and the dexterity of the employees who handled the packaging and labelling. The guide offered the samples at each stage of operation and the ultimate product that was fragrant and appealing. The students had an exposure of the factory management and the smooth functioning of the operations and processes in production.

The IV was undoubtedly a great experience for the students who came back enriched with the working of a Government owned factory that has stood the test of time and matched well with the changing times. The visit came to a close at around 4 PM. The IV was coordinated by Mrs. Sunita Ramaswamy and Mr. Arun Kumar, faculty members of BBA department.