Alumni Guest Talk - by Mr.Robin Thomas


Robin Thomas who is our MBA Alumni of batch 2011-2013, who is currently settled in Canada, working as HR manager (recruitment profile), visited our college on 28th Sep 2017 and addressed MBA I sem students, on Career opportunities outside India and challenges faced by students to take over positions in abroad.

He shared his success journey. He emphasized on points such as personal grooming, importance of communication skills, adaptability, positive attitude, additional value added courses which will help them to get a job easily in other countries. Since he himself is a recruiter, he spoke more about how interviews are conducted in other countries and on what parameters candidates caliber is judged, what skill sets are actually expected by interviewers etc. He also motivated students to take up the MBA course very seriously and to prepare themselves thoroughly to get jobs before leaving the college campus. He assured students by saying that there are many jobs available outside, just that students should make themselves fit to take up those jobs. His talk motivated MBA students to follow their dreams of flying abroad and making their career possible.