The Importance of Hindi as a Language


On 21st September-2017.DR.RENU RANI SHUKLA,from Higher Academy Learning gave a “Guest Lecture” for the students of T.John College. On “The Importance of Hindi as Language.”

DR.RENU RANI SHUKLA has done her:

  • MA ECONOMICS from Lucknow University,
  • MA HINDI from Punjab University,
  • PHIL HINDI in HINDI DRAMA from Punjab University.

Apart from this DR.RENU RANI SHUKLA is also a research guide  for PHD Scholars at Tumkur University.

  • Hindi, the most widely spoken language in India today , serves as the “ Lingua Franca” across much of North and Central India.
  • She started the seminar by enlightening the students about “ Hindi Language” right from the birth of Hindi language and also about the usage of Hindi during the period of “ Kabir Das”, “Sur Das” when compared to present day scenario.
  • Further, she spoke about the achievement of Hindi Language in film/ movie industry.
  • Also, on how the multi-national companies all over the world used “Hindi as a language” of communication in advertising their products to gain consumers and as a result of which people today cannot even differentiate their home country products/ service from foreign countries.
  • Even though English continues to be an important language in India. English was legislated to be reduced to the status of a ‘subsidiary official language’ and to a large extend Hindi and other vernacular languages are given prominence today. E.g: The setting of question papers. Today we have the papers written in the vernacular language and also English.

The guest lecture came to an end at 3.30 PM and Vote of Thanks was given by Prof. Arvind Kumar Gupta from Language department. A small token of gift was presented to Dr.Shukla by Dr. Shikha Tiwari, MA HINDI, SANSKRIT, Ph D, Principal of T John College.