Few of the best years in an individual’s life are spent as a child and later in the collegiate years. In a busy world like that of today, people forget about how valuable, memorable and precious were those years .

Teachers become great and inspirers many, when they go beyond the border of duty and beyond the words printed on a page. To be so, they should never give limits to their knowledge and process of learning. There are conferences and workshops that help not only the teachers but also the students in every way. Workshop is an event that is necessary in any course other than the daily academics.

One such workshop was conducted for the 1st semester students of BAJEP Department, where the resource person was Mr Biju Mathew from PIXEL ACADEMY. The workshop started on the 21st of August 2017 and went on till 24th August 2017. The main content of the workshop was to introduce the idea of creating newspaper through the apps, Adobe Photoshop and In-Design to the students. The basic layout, photo editing and the idea of the content creation in the print media were taught to the students. Then the task of creating a newspaper of their own was given to the students. Each individual were given different tasks for the preparation of the newspaper. They were taught to create the page layout and to create the paper design. The students were successful in implementing their ideas and create their own newspaper which they named as “ZEPHYR”. The 4 day workshop provided the students with an understanding about the Newspaper Journalism. The workshop provided the basic platform for the students in the field of Journalism and media studies.