Investor Awareness Programme: 28-02-2018

One of the challenges leaders of organizations face is to get higher performance from their teams. However if teams are worried about their future financial security and stability, it would be hard for the teams to concentrate on the needs of the organization and manage their performance effectively.

Budget Analysis 2018: 07-02-2018

On 7th February 2018, the Management Studies Department of T.John College organised “Budget Analysis 2018” session at the CTL Seminar hall, under the able guidance of Dr. Nilanjana Basu (Executive Director, Dept. Of Management Studies)

Security Exchange Board of India (SEBI) initiated an Program “Awareness to Investors” at CTL Seminar hall: 19-01-2018

The session was hosted by the Prof. R V Lokesh of MBA Department under the guidance of Dr.Nilanjana Basu (Exec.Director) , Prof.Gopan (HOD) and Prof.Ravi Kumar. The participants were faculty members of TJC , TIMS & TIMS .

2 Days full day students interactive knowledge sharing sessions on “Cyber Space”: 13-01-2018

On 12th and 13th January 2018, the MBA III semester students of T. John College attended the 2 Days full day in-house student interactive knowledge sharing sessions on “Cyber Space”. These sessions were conducted under guidance by Prof. Krishnarao and support by all Management Faculty Staff, Dr. Nilanajana Basu, Executive Director, MBA Department and Mr.Gopan, MBA Department HOD.

One-day Industry Academia meet and Workshop on “Enhancing Employability Quotient”: 16-12-2017

Department of Management Studies & IQAC of T John College jointly conducted one day industry –academia meet and workshop on “Enhancing Employability Quotient”. The program was on 16/12/2017

Social Service Club Activity - Christmas celebration at Asha Jeevan Old age home: 15-12-2017

Students and coordinators of Social Service club of the Department of Management Studies, TJC visited the Asha Jeevan home for the old, to celebrate Christmas with them on 16th December 2017.


As the country is progressing and more and more youth are required to join the workforce. Currently, India is facing a huge talent gap. A large number of educated students with the lack of employ ability skills is being witnessed.

Social Service Club Activity by MBA students – Visit to Desire Society: 01-12-2017

On the occasion of the World Aid’s day on 1st. December 2017, our students visited’ Desire Society – Caring for HIV and AIDS children to gather information on what it takes to care for children with this dreaded disease, and understand the working of this organization.

Alumni guest lecture by Mr. Jane C Jose : 30-11-2017

The Management Studies Department of T.John College arranged for an alumni talk for our MBA students on 30th November 2017.

Participation in the Organ Donation Walkathon : 26-11-2017

Muhammed Muhzin MK, MBA III semester student of T.John College participated in the Organ Donation Walkathon organised by Fortis Hospitals on 26th November 2017, Bannerghata Road and also pledged to donate his organs.