Guest lecture on Molecular gastronomy in BHM Dept: 28-01-2017

Mr. Natesan , Asst. professor, Garden City College gave a Lecture on 28th Jan 2017 to 4th semester BHM Students of T. John College about Molecular gastronomy. The lecture started with elaborate discussion on how to enhance beverage Industry to the next level.

Opperunities In Global Career In Hospitality: 24-01-2017

The Students of 4th and 8th semester of the Department of Hotel Management of T.John were addressed dated on 24 Jan 2017 by Mr.Navdeep Dalia General Manager and Mr. Ravi Trivedi of INLEAD (Indian Institute of Learning and advance Development) having network of over 500 National and International corporation .

Hospitality Higher Education In Switzerland: 24-01-2017

Mr.Suyog Patkar-Sales and Relationship Manager of Business and Hotel Management School gave a lecture on 24 Jan 2017 to the 4th and 8th Sem BHM students of Department of Hotel Management of T.John College about the importance of a Dual MBA Program for BHM students in B.H.M.S University for the students in Switzerland. The global opportunity offered to the students in the international hospitality sector on completion of the course.

Alumini Talk: 13-01-2017

On the 13th Jan 2017, Mr. Dony Joseph an alumni of BHM-2011 Batch who is presently working in the pastry section of Fragrance of Nature gave a talk to the 8th Semester Students regarding his experiences and a career path in the bakery and confectionery section of the hospitality industry. The Students found the talk very interesting .

Hospitality Beyond 2020 - Emerging Trends in Hospitality & Tourism : 13-01-2017

The faculty member Mr. Satish Khalkho and Mr. Balaji Singh along with six students of T. John college department of Hotel Management has Participated in the workshop conducted by the department of Hospitality management & Catering Technology of Ramaiah University of Applied Sciences on 12th and 13th January, 2017 on Title Hospitality Beyond 2020- Emerging Trends In Hospitality & Tourism.

Industrial Visit To Bamul By BHM Students: 29-11-2016

The 1st Sem Students of TJC-BHM-Dept of the Hotel Management undertook an industrial visit to BAMUL on 29th Sept 2016.They were taken around the processing plant by their marketing manager Ms. Gowramma The BAMUL milk processing plant pasteurizes around 40 lakh liters a milk a day. It manufactures 60 different verities of milk and milk product right from pasteurized milk, flavoued milk, ghee, and butter to Dharwad pada. There are future plans to manufacture cheese as all as other dairy products.

Talk By Ms. Sarah Tediwala (Alumi Of BHM 2012-2016): 24-09-2016

Ms. Sarah Tediwala an alumni of BHM 2012-2016 batch addressed the 1st SEM BHM student on 24th September 2016 about the scope of a career in sales and marketing department of the hospitality Industry. Sale and marketing is one of the major operational areas of the hotel Industry. It was a quite interesting session .The students enjoyed the talk a lot.

Wine Tasting Workshop By BHM Students: 18-09-2016

Students of –TJC-Department of Hotel Management had the first session of the workshop on wine tasting conducted by the Karnataka wine board(WEAT-Wine Education, and tasting) on 18th and 21st September-2016. The Session organized through Mr. Sandeep- Manager Store operation and Business Development from Madhuloka. They had 18 different types of wine from different countries and the students were explained about the various aspects of tasting of wine such as aroma, temperature, mouth feel and how to judge the different characteristics of a wine.

Talk By Mr.Suhaib Pasha (Alumi Of BHM 2012-2016): 15-09-2016

Mr. Suhaib pasha an Alumni of BHM 2012-2016 Batch gave a talk on 15 September-2016 about the latest trends in sales and marketing in the hospitality Industry to the 1st semester students of BHM. Sale and marketing department one of the key operational areas of the hotel Industry .The students enjoyed the talk and it’s gave them a glimpse of the Sales and marketing department of the hospitality industry.

BHM Students Visited To Modern Bread factory: 25-08-2016

The students of 3rd Semester BHM of T.John College- Department of Hotel Management undertook an industrial visit to Modern Bread factory (HLL) located at Peenya Industrial Estate, Yeshwantpur on 25 August 2016.They were taken around by Executive Manager (production). The visit enables the students of experiencing mass production of various types of bread, buns, muffins etc (producing approximately 40,000 breads a day of 17 verities and other bread products )