Industrial visit to Dairy Classic Ice-cream by VII SEM BHM Students: 19-07-2017

The VII SEM BHM Students were taken for an industrial visit to Dairy Classic Ice-cream Company on 19th July 2017. It was an ice cream manufacturing unit.

The Club Activities on 14th July at T. John College: 14-07-2017

The club activity for the academic year 2017-18 commenced on 14th of July 2017. The day saw vibrant students actively participating in the events of their respective clubs. The modelling club started their club hours by making the students into groups to test their walking style and helped in rectifying their walks to suit the requirement of a model.The nature club formed groups on the first day and the expectations of the students were discussed.

Culinary Live Demo at Hypercity Bangalore: 08-07-2017

A select team of 7th Sem students from The Department of Hotel Management - T. John College, under the guidance of Food and Beverage Production faculties comprising of Chef. Satish Khalkho, Chef Balaji Singh, Chef Naveen Abraham, in association with Hypercity situated in Meenakshi Mall Hulimavu, conducted a live Culinary show on Saturday 08/07/2017.

A Friday of Club Registrations: 07-07-2017

7th of July, 2017, marked the clubs induction program for all first and second year students of T. John College, for the odd academic semester of 2017.

Guest Lecture On Growth Of Tourism and Hospitality Sector In East Asia: 06-07-2017

On 6th July 2017 T John College, Department of hotel management conducted a guest lecture on “The Emerging trends in hospitality sector in China”. Mr. Ajeesh Sharma, Country Head of Matrix Infosys Education Pvt Ltd, gave an insight about the present hospitality sector with elaborate trends and facts as well as about the growing tourism and hospitality industry in China and career opportunities open to hospitality students of other countries.

Conducted a seminar on Nanotechnology, Software Testing and 3D Animation for BCA Students: 06-07-2017

On 6th July, 2017, the 5th Semester BCA students conducted a seminar on Nanotechnology, Software Testing and 3D Animation under the guidance of Ms. Jayaprabha.

Alumni Engagement - Rohan Pillai - BA (JEP) - Batch 2013-2016: 05-07-2017

The BA(JEP) students of T John college attended a guest lecture session on 5th July 2017. The lecturer was delivered by Mr. Rohan Pillai, an alumnus from BA (JEP) department at T John college.


On 4th July 2017, the Hotel Management Dept. of T. John College conducted a culinary workshop. Chef Karl. Guggenmos from Culinary Solution International LLC a Global Culinary Consultancy service along with Chef Satish Madaan from Singapore- the winner of young chef Olympiad demonstrated a few continental dishes and showed their plate presentation.

T JOHN COLLEGE Induction Programme 2017: 03-07-2017

T JOHN COLLEGE organised Induction Programme for the undergraduate courses of B.COM, BHM, BBA, BCA, BA and FAD on the 3rd of July, 2017 at the TJGI auditorium. The event anchored by Ms. Sandhya Parnandy got underway at 10:30 AM to a packed and excited audience.

Team Bonding Activity for T John College Staff Members: 01-07-2017

The Centre for Teaching & Learning had planned a 2 day Faculty Development Program the first of which happened on 10th June 2017 comprising of talks from several eminent personalities focusing on the area of youth needs, psychology of the young adults and engaging students in activities beyond curriculum that focus on nation building.