T. John Group of Institutions

Educational Consultants

Student Placement Consultant − Sri Lanka & Maldives

Mr. G. A. W. G. Galgamuwa (Ex Lieutenant VNF),
Director General,
Former Director, Foreign Affairs, National Youth Services Council,
Global Environmental Youth Education Foundation,
No. 81, Wattarantenna Passage,
Sri Lanka.

Colombo Office

Calton House,
No. 466, 22/2,
Galle Road,
Colombo − 3.

Tel: 0777374588 / 081 4470664, 2214685,
Fax: 081 4470664,
Foreign Students: 00 94 777374588,
e-mail: geyef@sltnet.lk

Student Placement Consultant


Mr. Jarashankar,
Campus Abroad (Mauritius) Ltd.,
19 Charles De Gaulle Street,
Off Vandermeersch Street, close to QEC,

Tel: +230 − 2946655, 4676200,
Fax: +230 4676201,
e-mail: campus-abroad@usa.net

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