Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)


The college has established IQAC in the year 2004 following the Accreditation of the college by the NAAC.

Functions of IQAC

The IQAC is an effective and efficient internal coordinating and monitoring mechanism. This cell has been diligently involved in helping the management, Principal and other committees by offering valuable suggestions and measures in order to have consistency in maintaining the quality of education.

Contribution of IQAC

  • ◊ Development and application of quality benchmark/ parameters in various activities of the institution.
  • ◊ IQAC is responsible for the quality related initiatives of the college.
  • ◊ Preparation and submission of Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) to NAAC based on the quality parameters is done every year.
  • ◊ Workshops on quality related theme are organized and promotion of quality circles leads to quality improvement.
  • ◊ Ensuring timely, efficient and progressive performance of academic, administrative and   financial tasks.
  • ◊ Optimization and integration of modern methods of teaching, learning and evaluation.
  • ◊ Ensuring the adequacy, maintenance and functioning of the support structure.

Contact Person:

  • Mrs. Hemalatha I Dodamani,
  • Co-ordrnator IQAC,
  • Faculty-Dept. of FAD
  • Contact Number: 080-40250555
  • E mail:

IQAC Committee Members:

  • ◊ Wg. Cdr. (Retd.) P. Sambasivan, Campus Director
  • ◊ Dr. Shikha Tiwari, Principal
  • ◊ Dr. Nilanjana Basu, Vice-Principal
  • ◊ Mrs. Hemalatha I Dodamani, NAAC Coordinator & Faculty-Dept. of FAD
  • ◊ Mrs. Mohini Bhat, HOD-Dept. of Computer Science
  • ◊ Mr. Suresh N., HOD-Dept. of Hotel Management
  • ◊ Mrs. Chandrakala , Faculty-Dept. of Management
  • ◊ Mr. Satish Khalkho, Faculty- Dept. of Hotel Management
  • ◊ Mrs. Lakshmi, Faculty-Dept. of Management
  • ◊ Mrs. Pooja B, Faculty- Dept. of Languages
  • ◊ Mrs. Sindhu, Faculty- Dept. of Bio-Science
  • ◊ Mrs. Bhuvana, Faculty- Dept. of Computer Science
  • ◊ Mr. Jummappa Chalawadi, Chief Librarian
  • ◊ Mr. Govinda Kumar B, Director-Physical Education

Student Representatives:

  • ◊ Mr. Sheshdri,       VIII SEM − BHM
  • ◊ Ms. Tejaswini,       VI SEM − BCA
  • ◊ Mr. Basharat,       VI SEM − MCA
  • ◊ Ms. Nathalie,       VI SEM − FAD
  • ◊ Mr. Niranjan,       III SEM−M.SC(BC)
  • ◊ Ms. Nadeeshari,       IV SEM−BT(B.Sc)

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